Doctors told how the body warns of heart failure


Медики рассказали, как организм предупреждает об остановке сердцаThe brain receives the same signals from the nerves to the left arm and the heart.

Most deaths occur because of heart disease. Special risk is people over 60, diabetics and people with excess weight. Often early symptoms can be easily eliminated. Need only time to recognize the signals of the body, and hearing something was wrong to go to the doctor.

Discomfort and pain

The most common symptom of emerging issues – discomfort in the chest area. Any unusual feeling, a burning sensation, tightness, tingling can be a signal of heart disease. The brain receives the same signals from the nerves of the left hand and the heart, so do not always understand the brain, a sore arm or heart. So if you suddenly had severe pain in left arm for no apparent reason is a serious reason for alarm. The doctors say that this is one of the classic symptoms of a heart attack.

Cough with mucus

A clear sign of heart problems cough with pink or white mucus. This symptom means that there is a problem of heart failure, which hinder the outflow of moisture from the lungs.


The loss of orientation in space may signal a heart problem, if it occurs frequently in the normal condition of the body. Dizziness suggests that the heart is not pumping enough blood to the brain.

Shortness of breath

When the blood low oxygen, shortness of breath occurs. If it appears not after exercise and is accompanied by chest pain, it is worth considering: it may be caused by deteriorating blood circulation, which is caused by the malfunction of the heart.

Swelling of the legs

A heart that cannot cope with the load, it can be felt swelling in the legs. Disturbed lymphatic drainage – removing fluid from tissues, which leads to edema.


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