Doctors told how often can you eat oatmeal


Медики рассказали, как часто можно есть овсяную кашуHow many times a week can you eat oatmeal.

Experts advise to eat Breakfast cereal no more than once every 2-3 days, alternating it with other cereals and products.

This writes with reference to Our mother.

It is very important what kind of cereal used to make porridge. The most useful of whole grain oats, but for its cooking needs a lot of time, and most consumers prefer porridge from cereals. Can cook them for a few minutes, simply pour desired amount of cereal with boiling water. But here’s the good in this cereal is much less, especially if it additionally contains sugar, fruit pieces and other additives.

Porridge with additives often eat is generally not recommended – you can gain weight and spoil the intestine.


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