Doctors told how many diseases a cat can get to the person


Медики рассказали, сколько заболеваний кошка может передать человекуCatch from cats can be a large number of diseases.

Cute, affectionate, fluffy friends – some of the most beloved Pets of man. Popular among people with cats may be rivaled only by dogs. In social networks and on their websites you can read tens of thousands of stories about how favorite cat hugging, kissing, sleeping with him in bed, someone he almost eats from the same plate.

Associate Professor of the Department of epidemiology of the Belarusian state University, candidate of biological Sciences Tatiana Doroshenkove categorically against such tenderness with animals – they are really easy to be infected by many dangerous diseases. Their several kinds: bacterial, infectious, viral, fungal and parasitic. The most common is toxoplasmosis, rabies, acute gastroenteritis, Salmonella, worms, chlamydia, tularemia, tuberculosis.

One of the most dangerous is rabies. By the way, his carrier can be any animals, but the classic cats that hunt rodents, the chances of Contracting rabies and then pass it to the person much more, as rats and mice often are carriers of rabies. Vets warn that if the animal is sick with rabies, it is doomed. But a person can be saved if in the first three days after the bite of a sick animal infected will be injected with a special serum.

Dr Kim Kendall of the American medical Association also confirms that infection from a cat with a large number of diseases. But really transferred only a few of them. Among them toxoplasmosis, which actively transfer all of the same rodents.

The causative agent of this disease is Toxoplazma gondii – a parasite from the outside trapped in the body of the animal. On infected pet externally is not affected, and the person in the severe stage of the disease manifested in the form of intestinal disorders, fever, eye damage.

In pregnant women toxoplasmosis causes a miscarriage. If the fetus is saved, then it is a real risk of damage to the brain due to Toxoplasma multiply uncontrollably. According to doctors neuroethology O. A. Eliseeva, this disease threatens the natural population growth in Russia. Infected with toxoplasmosis in the womb of the mother, the children later as complications become encephalitis, combined with meningitis, microcephaly, ansermet and other equally dangerous diseases. It is no accident in the United States and Finland on the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis, high-quality treatment and help children suffering from the disease, highlights the billions of dollars.

The disease, which is most likely to infect humans from cats, worms, or regular worms. Very often their presence in the body of the animal does not manifest itself. And the man, continuing to kiss the beloved pet, to sleep with him on one pillow gets infected himself. Most often, the worms settle in the intestines. After some time an infected pet starts to lose weight, looks very sluggish, the hair seems brittle and dull.
Veterinarians warn that a cat can be infected with worms, even if you never left the house. Vector control of helminth larvae can be flies, beetles, and other insects.

Very easily transmitted person hlamidoz. As soon as you saw the cat sudden loss of appetite, drew attention to the emerging conjunctivitis, fever, shortness of breath – bring your pet to the veterinarian. Hlamidoz well treated animals only in the early stages. In advanced forms of the probability of death is very real. For people it is dangerous because for a long time does not manifest itself. Although very rare can cause symptoms similar to symptoms of gonorrhea in men – abnormal discharge from the urethra.
You can often hear that cats transmit such a terrible disease as tuberculosis.

– Alas, it is true: the man and the cat – one and the same causative agent of tuberculosis. But you need to keep in mind that cats suffering from tuberculosis is extremely rare, says Kim Kendall.

But acute zoonotic infection that is known to us as tularemia, gives 100 percent incidence of human disease from animals. That is, if your cat contracted this illness, you are also sure it will pick up. Tularemia affects lymph nodes and internal organs.

In the second decade of the last century employees of the anti-plague station from California, McCoy and Chapin has discovered a new microbe, is very similar to bubonic plague. Subsequently, it was named after the lake near which dwelt the germ infested ground squirrels, Tulare. Today, analyzing outbreaks in several European countries in the XIX century, which was listed as a benign disease with plague or climatic bubo, scientists believe that part of the mass diseases associated with tularemia.

The bacterium Francisella tularensis can for weeks or even months stored somewhere in the wet ground. Catch it like wild animals, including rodents, and Pets, e.g. sheep, eating preserved in the cool green grass with the remnants of her infectious microbe. Cats become infected with tularemia from rodents or drunk on the nature of dirty contaminated water.

This disease has two kinds of germs that affect the body: A germ – it provokes severe forms of the disease and it is distributed mainly in North America; and the germ is the easier course of the disease. It is characteristic of the Eurasian continent. To recover from tularemia is possible, but to do it better in the early stages.

To feel safe, while staying together with the pet, do not forget to regularly take him to a veterinarian. And at the slightest signs of sickness is your cat immediately run to the veterinary clinic.


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