Doctors told how garlic can harm the body


Врачи рассказали, как чеснок может навредить организмуThe researchers were able to determine the harm lies in the use of this product.

Phytoncides, contained in this vegetable, kill bacteria and help fight infectious diseases. It is also believed that garlic strengthens the heart, tones the blood vessels and has many other useful properties. But many peoples of the world, he is not in such high esteem.

The ancient Indian doctrine of Ayurveda cautions people wishing for years to preserve good health and clear mind, from eating garlic. Many years ago Indian doctors somehow found out that garlic is toxic. In the twentieth century this was confirmed by European and American scientists.

The risk of garlic for the brain

In 1996 the Institute of Seattle, American Professor Robert K. Beck read to students this legendary lecture about the dangers of garlic on brain function. After a number of studies have established that sulfanil-hydroxyl ion contained in this vegetable is bad for the brain cells.
The garlic literally kills brain cells, quickly penetrating through the blood-brain barrier. It also automatically reduces the severity of the reactions 3 times, so pilots are not recommended to go eat food with garlic seasoning. And ordinary citizens should not be any reason “treated” with garlic, if there is no desire to bring senile dementia.

The risk of garlic for digestive system

Substances causing a burning sensation on the tongue during the eating of garlic, the same way it affects the delicate lining of the stomach and intestines. The more garlic seasoning, the more devastating the impact. This ultimately leads to peptic ulcer disease, and in the worst case, a perforation (integrity violations) of the walls of the intestine and internal bleeding.

The role of garlic in the infected botulism

In garlic feels the causative agent of this serious disease. This prosperity contributes to the special nature of sulfur, and garlic. Is a time to hold the head cheese of this vegetable in sunflower oil at room temperature, like waking Clostridium botulism here.

Garlic is the worst enemy for bleeding

Patients with bleeding do you need to forget about the garlic until complete recovery. This vegetable is antiplatelet properties which bleeding may increase.


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