Doctors told how dangerous plastic tube


Медики рассказали, чем опасны пластиковые трубочки The tube is very unsafe for health.

According to experts, people who constantly drink something through a straw increases the risk of caries and disorders of the digestive tract. In addition, such a method to consume a variety of drinks can cause getting into the human body toxic to it chemical compounds.

The tubes for drinking are made from polypropylene. Its components, capable of penetrating fluid and then to the esophagus and stomach, where they enter into compounds with other substances. These compounds reduce the production of estrogen in women, leading to premature aging and reduce the body’s protection against many diseases, including diseases of the cardiovascular system, experts said.

In addition, drinking through a straw contributes to air getting into the digestive tract, along with the swelling and discomfort. Also, this habit provokes the development of caries. Scientists explain that when a person is drinking a sweet or acidic drink through a straw in some areas of the teeth gets more concentrated a liquid, and this can cause erosion of tooth enamel.

“When I advise my clients that complain of tooth decay and bloating, I always ask them about habits, such as drinking through a “straw”. Some of them felt a great relief after the failure of the tubes, and the other two things that contribute to the ingress of air in the digestive tract: soda water and chewing gum”, said nutritionist Kristi Brisset.


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