Doctors told how amount of sleep affects the skin


Медики рассказали, как количество сна влияет на кожуRather two consecutive nights to sleep less than 7 hours to look not so attractive.

Newsyahoo have drastically decreased production of human growth hormone, which is essential to the recovery process. The skin forms new collagen that night. Accordingly, less sleep – less collagen, the more wrinkles, the dermatologist said Kristina Kopelchuk.

During sleep, the blood rushes to the face and improves blood supply to the cells – get healthy radiant finish. Same story with dark circles under eyes improper blood flow.

And hair the same. From lack of sleep, poor blood circulation suffers and the skin of the head. As a consequence, weak and brittle hair.

Night skin cells regenerate more actively, because they do not need to deal with the protection from free radicals or UV rays.


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