Doctors told about the reasons of reduced libido


Медики рассказали о причинах снижения либидоThe reason can be 5 factors.

When it comes to sexual attraction, the notion of “norm” does not apply here. However, if one observes a significant reduction in the normal level of desire or sexual ability, the reason for this can be the following 5 factors.

Thyroid disease

Hypothyroidism – reduced thyroid function. This state is associated with various symptoms, among which can be and sexual dysfunction. Because of the violation of production of hormones, some women may experience decreased amount of vaginal lubrication that can lead to painful sensations during affinity.

Although men affected by this condition less than women, it can still cause equivalent problems, such as premature or delayed ejaculation. Of course, if when you receive drugs hormonal balance is restored, among other symptoms, you may experience decreased energy, and General tone – all this greatly influences sex drive.


“During the transition to menopause, the physical effects of reducing the level of estrogen, including hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness can decrease sexual desire and arousal,” – say the members of the North American menopause society (North American Menopause Society), USA.

Besides menopause, low testosterone levels is considered to be another symptom that accompany aging. It should be borne in mind that not all men lose sexual desire in old age, the more that natural reduction may not cause noticeable symptoms. But testosterone deficiency may cause decreased sexual desire in both men and women.

Stress and fatigue

Concern, stress and hard work can cause extreme fatigue before sex men and women, even if the excitation is present. But in some cases, fatigue can also reduce libido.

“Many women satisfied with their relationships and enjoy the process of intimacy, but too tired and tense to feel a strong desire,” explains Laurie Mintz (Laurie Mintz), Professor in the Department of psychology at the University of Florida (University of Florida), USA.

And because during stress there is a spasm of blood vessels, it can cause symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.

Some medicines

According to some, the appointment of a number of drugs may influence both the desire and the capacity for intimacy, especially if the person takes several medicines. So, antidepressants, contraceptives, antihistamines, and anticonvulsants, and narcotic analgesics in some people can cause side effects associated with sex. These include impaired production of hormones, causing difficulty in achieving orgasm and affect mood.

To cope with this, you can talk to your doctor about the side effects and find out if alternative drugs. Sometimes, interventions such as exercise can help improve mood, and enhance libido.

The lack of light

In 2016 as a result of some studies, Italian researchers found that light therapy helps to restore the sexual gratification of men facing problems related to sexual desire.

“Elevated levels of testosterone explains a more pronounced sexual satisfaction, says Andrea Fagiolini (Andrea missed the green beans), Professor of the University of Siena (University of Siena), Italy. In the Northern hemisphere, the production of testosterone in the body naturally decreases from November to April, and then steadily increases during the spring and summer season with a peak in October.”


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