Doctors told about the dangers of instant coffee


Медики рассказали о вреде растворимого кофеChoose only high quality coffee.

Morning is not the favorite time for most of us, especially if the previous night you went to bed well after midnight. To help in this case will be a Cup of coffee. But is it really?

Physicians who every day face the need for serious treatment of their patients, are confident that one of the culprits in the development of a range of pathologies may be frequent use of instant coffee.

This popular beverage that is loved by many, is considered if not the most beneficial, certainly not harmful product. However, it is necessary to look truth in the eye, such opinion is wrong.

Experts are trying to explain that soluble and traditionally-prepared coffee – they are completely different products, which are not similar neither its composition, nor the effects on the body. The benefits of coffee which not arguing physicians, with moderate use of this drink is obvious, whereas the soluble version is hardly useful for health.

Coffee use

Good aromatic coffee, carefully prepared in a special coffee pot, has a positive effect on memory, concentration and health. People who drink caffeine, don’t just show the best result of remembering all the objects, but also show a much higher ability to distinguish similar but not identical images for repeated.

This is indicated by the results of studies conducted by a team of scientists from Johns Hopkins University, which was attended by more than 150 volunteers.

Other researchers came to the conclusion that this coffee may delay the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Harm instant coffee

However, it is important to remember that instant coffee is often the product resulting from the processing of discarded coffee low grades by boiling and drying to the state of the coffee dust.

Besides, this drink is generously adding various flavors, sweeteners, artificial caffeine and other additives that cannot be considered healthy.

There is no doubt that this coffee will not be useful! It can provoke allergic reactions, liver diseases and disorders in the digestive system.


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