Doctors told about the benefits of non-edible parts of vegetables and fruits


Медики рассказали о пользе несъедобных частей овощей и фруктовHow to use the inedible parts of vegetables and fruits

Wastes such as peel, stalks, and roots of fruits and vegetables many of us are accustomed to throw out in the trash. But few people know that in these parts of the products is a great potential and an incredible percentage of use.

If you don’t want to deprive yourself of a number of their useful properties and are aiming for sustainable consumption products, be sure to use these 8 effective ways of using leftover vegetables and fruits.

Leaves of artichoke

This unusual product is a rare guest at the table and mainly used for making special dishes for the holidays. As a rule, for cooking use only the artichoke hearts, which is the most delicious and nutritious. The top leaves and the tip of this useful vegetable, many of us cut and simply thrown away in the trash.

It turns out that this part of the fruit, you can make edible. For this leaves of the artichoke can be cooked in steam or blanch for 15 minutes and then bake in the oven with olive oil and sea salt until Golden in color. This appetizer is very healthy and nutritious and combined with the sauces are also very tasty.

Peel potatoes

The potato belongs to the most popular products that almost every day women use for cooking. And of course, peel vegetables with virtually all thrown in the trash. But it contains a huge reserve of nutrients needed by the body.

In order not to lose these nutrients from potato peel, you can prepare delicious snacks. Just peel and season with your favorite spices, roll in melted bacon grease, and then pop them into the oven and bake until Golden brown.

Carrot tops

Most of us unknowingly thrown in the rubbish left over from the carrot tops. This part of the vegetable is considered inedible and unfit. But carrot tops compared to by root contains 500 times more vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is rich in proteins and biologically active substances.

If you want to enrich your body with this list of nutrients, use the tops, for example, to prepare the salsa Verde. In combination with the other components of this sauce such replacement can be a wonderful culinary compromise.

Peel Apple

The next time you decide to make an Apple pie or dessert with apples, do not rush to write off Apple peel. It is much more useful substances, than in the pulp of the fruit. Besides the peel of the Apple has a rich flavor and aroma.

And from Apple peel, you can prepare a delicious Bourbon. Just place the peel in a jar and fill it with Bourbon. Add a few cinnamon sticks and a clove of garlic, and then shake your drink and leave it to infuse. After a couple of days, remove the spices and peel from the apples, leave the Bourbon for two weeks. So drink to the max will absorb the useful part of the Apple peel and its unique flavor.

The stems of cabbage

Still throw cabbage stalks and cobs? A very good reason! It turns out that these inedible parts of the vegetable are rich in nutrients and can be used with advantage for health. Boil them up for 10 minutes and then fry in a pan with olive oil. Season the dish with salt and pepper and you will get delicious food that will enrich the body with fiber and help cleanse the digestive system.

The seed of the avocado

That avocado is extremely useful for our body. In recent times, this fruit is widely used for preparing healthy and nutritious meals. Few people know about this, but the most nutritious part is the seed: it contains up to 70% of all useful properties of avocado.

Despite the fact that the seed of the fruit looks inedible, with the right approach to cooking you can eat it. For this you need to cut the seed of a fruit into four parts and then make it into powder with a blender. The resulting powder can be mixed with berry or fruit puree, add small amounts to baked goods or cereal.

Peel of citrus

The peel of citrus is a valuable part of the fruit, which contains vitamin a, the body needs the enzymes and fiber. Therefore, the peel of citrus dry and add to drinks. By itself, the peel is not very palatable, but if it is mixed with berries, other fruit, or honey yogurt, you can get a very tasty combination, to break away is impossible.

Broccoli leaf

Broccoli is considered one of the healthiest and delicious vegetables. But most Housewives throw out its leaves and stems, although they contain not less nutrients. The broccoli leaves are rich in vitamin A, which is essential to maintain vision, helps prevent cancer and slow aging. Therefore, the reasons for discarding this part of the vegetable is absolutely no. Broccoli leaf, in the same way as the cabbage can be cooked, stir-fried with green onions, meat and other ingredients.


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