Doctors told about the beneficial properties of raspberry jam


Raspberry jam can have all the useful properties characteristic of fresh berries.

Improves protection against cancer. 16 Aug is raspberry jam. Consumption of raspberries as I could to make sure the researchers are incredibly useful – for example, the fact that it makes the body more resistant to cancer. The fact that the raspberry has anti-cancer effect was confirmed by testing American specialists from Clemson University. These researchers found that the effects of raspberry extract on the tumor cells of the intestine malignant cells are. Raspberry antioxidant: it contains a special acid that block the development and division of cancer cells, reports the with reference to

In turn, the Russian physician Tamila Tulparov notes that raspberry jam is not passed the procedure of cooking, it has the same properties as the fresh berries.

Bactericidal properties. According to Tamils Tolparovo, raspberry jam has a bactericidal effect and may be useful in the treatment of herpes. If grease jam from raspberries the affected area, the rash goes away. In the raspberry jam, contain volatile — the natural antibiotics. Due to the volatile raspberry jam provides excellent antimicrobial effect.

It is useful in a number of diseases. The raspberries contains copper, thanks to which improves skin condition and provides a good mood.

According to doctors, raspberry jam should be on the table for people suffering from sciatica, diseases of the joints, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, blood, as well as those who suffer from high blood pressure.

Prevention of aging and blood clots. Therapist Tamil Tulparov explains: raspberries can slow the aging of tissues. Natural raspberry jam well thins the blood and due to this property it is useful as a means of prevention of thrombosis.

Protects from anaemia. Doctors recommend pregnant women eat a teaspoon of raspberry jam, three times a day. It helps to increase hemoglobin, because raspberries contain a large amount of iron.

Helps with the swelling. Raspberry jam is a diuretic and can be helpful for getting rid of swelling — but strictly on the condition that the swelling is not associated with problems in the kidneys or urinary system.

Improves the condition of the common cold. Raspberry jam in case of cold helps to reduce cough, to alleviate a sore throat. In raspberries contains natural acetylsalicylic acid has on the human body antipyretic effect, so raspberry jam is recommended to use at elevated temperature an antipyretic. In addition unlike aspirin raspberry jam does not cause the development of stomach ulcers and gastritis.


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