Doctors told about any illness may indicate “shooting” in the ear


Do not ignore this symptom.

“Shooting” in the ear is one of the symptoms of the body that indicates that the person will become sick. The causes of many diseases – from colds to inflammation, reports the with reference to

Many believe that this disease goes away on its own, and begin the use of traditional methods, such as, warming the ear or the burying of alcohol. This can not be done.

Shooting in the ear shows that the sinusitis, the otitis, the common cold, SARS and other diseases. With this urgent need to go to the doctors.

According to the doctor-otolaryngologist Alla Kuzmina, it is necessary to refer to the otolaryngologist. As she notes, “shooting in the ears” is a sign of the complications a hearing aid, which can lead to complications in the eardrum and deafness.

By the way, “fire in the ears” can cause dental disease. Must therefore be checked by a dentist.

According to the doctor-bacteriologist Arthur Ignatieff, “shoot” in the ear may even be due to incorrect cleansing of the ear sticks to clean the ears.

“Shooting” in the ear can happen for many reasons, including due to the inflammation of lymph nodes, differential pressure, chronic migraines, cervical osteochondrosis, neuritis of the facial nerve, circulatory disorders of the brain and even brain tumors of all kinds.


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