Doctors suggested a simple way to reduce the pressure


Медики подсказали простой способ снизить давлениеWatch for indicators of your blood pressure.

Doctors have called another method which will allow hypertensive patients to reduce blood pressure to normal.

There are a huge number of proven methods for normalization of blood pressure, which constantly use high blood pressure. In this disease it is very important to monitor the pressure, because a sharp leap can lead to hypertensive crisis or much more serious attacks, such as heart attack.

As we know, the pressure may rise from changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure in the air, so sometimes to protect yourself from the increase is simply impossible. The only thing that can help people with hypertension are ways to normalize blood pressure, which can be used in home or field conditions, or medications that are prescribed to the patient by the physician.

Lower pressure is possible by using a special diet, taking a cool shower, correct breathing, fresh air and so on. But recently scientists have found out that the ultraviolet rays have a positive effect on blood circulation, causing the release of nitric oxide. Thus, the arteries dilate and the blood pressure gradually reduced to normal.

To achieve this effect you will need to take a sun bath at least 15-20 minutes. But it is worth remembering that the pressure will not drop dramatically, it will be back to normal in about an hour and a half. Scientists are still exploring this method of restoring blood pressure, weighing all the “pros” and “cons”. And a final decision from them yet.

Doctors doubt the correctness of this method, because excess UV radiation can lead to the development of cancer, so before you start to treat hypertension in the sun, one should consult the doctor and, of course, do not overdo it.

In any case, you should wait until scientists reach the 100% right decision and are officially allowed to use UV rays to reduce blood pressure. Moreover, in winter, the radiation is not strong enough and therefore less effective.


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