Doctors said that can prevent women from getting pregnant through IVF


Медики рассказали, что может помешать женщинам забеременеть с помощью ЭКОTurns out that women unknowingly block themselves the opportunity to become mothers.

Women who drink sugary drinks, less likely to get pregnant with IVF. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from Harvard University. Drinking one sweet drink a day reduced the probability of live birth after IVF by 12%, and more than one – 16%, reports the Chronicle.Info with reference to МedDaily.

The researchers analyzed data from 340 women undergoing IVF treatment in the period between 2014 and 2016. Women participated in the study during the second stage of IVF, which are extracted from the ovaries of a Mature egg. Participants answered questions about consumption of drinks.

The study found that sugary drinks decreased the performance of ECO. Diet soda, coffee and other drinks with caffeine such effect is not produced. According to scientists, sugary drinks affect the amount, maturity, prospects for the fertilization of eggs and number of viable embryos in IVF.

According to previous studies, the sugar stimulates the production of stress hormones that affect reproductive health. Also the development of oocytes and embryos can interfere with a high level of glucose in the blood.


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