Doctors managed to solve the problem of gray hair


Медикам удалось решить проблему седых волосScientists randomly invented an amazing drug.

Doctors from Spain has carried out tests of a new medicine in which absolutely unexpectedly found that the drug relieved patients from gray hair. “It’s surprising results”, — commented on the revealed effect of the authors of the project.

According to Daily Mail, conducted the experiments, the doctors – employees of the Autonomous University of Barcelona – did not expect to encounter the phenomenon of a vanished age. Scientists were testing a new cancer drug, gathered for their testing 52 patients with lung disease.

Most strongly the study authors were interested in possible side effects from the medication. It turned out that those really is. In 14 cases, the medication relieved the subjects from gray hair — at 13 people, they began to grow their “native” colors, another pigment was evident in some parts of the hair.

Scientists have put forward the hypothesis that the hair color change in patients may be related to the recovery process.

“This is a surprising result, one of those that are out of control,” he said about the findings of Dr. June Robinson of northwestern University dermatology.

At the same time, she explained that since other possible effects of a new drug are not fully understood, is to talk about it as a cure for gray hair yet.

Previously, scientists from the American University in Cairo came to the discovery that intensive hair graying can be a sign of developing heart disease.


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