Doctors have suggested for years to preserve vision


Медики подсказали, как на долгие годы сохранить зрениеThis will require some effort.

One of the most common diseases of people aged 45-55 years is farsightedness. Doctors say that it can be prevented, but it will take a lifetime to caring for your vision and eye health.

Farsightedness is when near sees nothing, and in the distance, on the contrary, watching a clear image. More than half of the elderly can not read, as before, without glasses. And, in addition, the vision continues to deteriorate, that is, points will need to constantly change.

To poor vision can still join symptoms such as dizziness, eye fatigue and headaches. Therefore, doctors suggest to try to avoid visual loss, and aim to preserve it for long years to a ripe old age.

How to preserve vision?

Not to overtax your eyes. In the age of information and computer technology it is difficult to imagine anyone not enjoying electronic gadgets. By themselves, they do not bear harm, but if you use them all day without distractions, and shut down only when the eyes are already starting to stick together at night, hyperopia or myopia can not be avoided.

To do gymnastics for eyes. At least occasionally train your eyes and vision, because age-related changes can begin much earlier than it should have, and with the help of exercise you will attrocity natural and premature aging.

Eat good for your eyes productsenriched with beta-carotene and other nutrients. It: blueberries, carrots, spinach, broccoli, chicken and quail eggs, fatty fish and seafood.

Complete prevention of hyperopia throughout his life and in retirement you will be able to read books without glasses.


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