Doctors have listed the beneficial properties of dates


Медики перечислили полезные свойства фиников These fruits have a positive effect on health.

A wonderful fruit that can get rid of bad thoughts, amuse the taste buds, satiate, and generally improve health.

Dates have a lot of fiber and pectin. They normalize the work of stomach and cleanse the digestive system. Besides, regular consumption of these fruits improves microflora intestine and prevents the growth of harmful organisms.

Dates have a lot of glucose and b vitamins And these substances stimulate and improve brain function and performance. And even improve coordination.

Due to the rich content of antioxidants, dates hinder the timely aging of the skin, make it beautiful and elastic.

Good dates and teeth. They strengthen the enamel and gums. And even prevent the appearance of caries.

Also, dates are an effective remedy for combating a cold. They clearly are struggling with the cough and strengthen immunity. These fruits are especially useful in the spring avitaminosis.

Dates can even replace meat. If you eat some fruits and drink their glass of milk.

But remember to use the dates with caution to people who have chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes and obesity.


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