Doctors have found a link between hot tea and dangerous disease


Медики нашли связь между горячим чаем и опасным заболеванием

Experts pointed out that alcohol drinking hot tea and using tobacco products can increase the likelihood of malignancy.

For almost ten years, Chinese doctors were monitoring the condition of about four hundred and fifty patients. Their age ranged from thirty to eighty years. For the entire time of the study diagnosed about 1,700 cases of cancer the scientists were able to determine that this form of the disease almost five more cases have been seen in people who consumed hot tea and no less than fifteen milliliters of an alcoholic beverage, for example in the form of a balm. In two cases more the disease is diagnosed in people who drank tea and were engaged in Smoking.

Doctors believe that the drink, the temperature indicator exceeds 65 degrees, can cause the bodies of the esophagus thermal damage, thereby increasing the risk of malignant tumors.


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