Doctors have discovered another useful property of broccoli


Медики открыли еще одно полезное свойство брокколи This vegetable has a positive effect on the heart.

The work of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania became the latest evidence that the recovery diet is directly linked to the improvement in the status and functions of the body. One inflorescence of broccoli a day heals the heart, – to such conclusion came experts.

“Regular consumption of broccoli improves cardiovascular system,”- said the authors of a new study. Conducted their experiments on mice revealed the ability of broccoli to stimulate cells of the immune system that protects humans from systemic inflammation, oppressive functions of the cardiovascular system and the myocardium in particular.

The diet of the experimental mice by 15% consisted of broccoli. The consequence of this power was to improve the bacterial composition of the gastrointestinal tract. Positive changes in the gastrointestinal tract, established researchers, were linked with the action of such substances as aryl hydrocarbon, activated in the intestine by eating broccoli. According to scientists, this component strengthens the barrier function, thereby reducing the likelihood of developing inflammation of arthritis. Against this background, and there have been improvements in the functioning of the heart.

Previously, the consumption of cruciferous vegetables specifically broccoli, scientists have linked with effective protection of the organism from cancer. Particularly in this respect, it was noted the use of broccoli as a preventive measure against breast cancer.


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