Doctors have described the factors contributing to weight gain


Медики назвали факторы, способствующие набору весаWhat can cause excess weight.

You already know that skipping Breakfast and lack of sleep are factors that will slow down your metabolism? You no longer miss the morning meal, go to bed on time and sleep in the dark silence? Don’t spend a lot of time in a seated position? All in the name of him – metabolism? All, but he never slowed down! Believe me, there are other habits into your lifestyle that reduce the rate of burning calories in your body.

If you have to gain weight, perhaps to blame was one of those 12 reasons. And sometimes more than one!

1. You eat irregularly

Our body is very smart. If he knows when you get food (fuel), it starts burning energy, because he knows that will pojarevo. In the absence of a regular schedule of food the body begins to conserve energy and not burn it: whether a little, suddenly will not give the juice. So eat every 3-4 hours and maintain a stable metabolism.

2. From drinks you have with only water

Sufficient hydration supports cellular metabolism in the body at the highest level, including metabolism. When the moisture is not enough, burned up to 2% fewer calories, so drink up! If you don’t like to drink water and therefore drink a little, pay attention to the teas. Green tea contains caffeine and helps to accelerate the burning of calories in the next three hours. Coffee also helps sirisian, but it does not have moisturizing effect.

3. You avoid dairy products

Dairy foods contain a number of nutrients that play an important role in fat burning and the formation of new muscles. We’re talking about conjugated linoleic acid, whey, casein and calcium. Calcium is also very important in the regulation of metabolism. The more fat the cell of this substance, the more fat it will burn.

4. You do not take seriously weight training

A full strength training break up the metabolism for up to 48 hours! They help to build lean muscle mass that also helps speed up the metabolism.

5. You miss the morning

A disservice you are giving your metabolism, if you boycott the morning sun. The early rays of the sun help the regulation of circadian rhythms which are responsible for many functions in our body. This affects the regularity of our sleep, how much food we are consuming per day and how much energy to burn. And all these factors are very important for good metabolism. Try to take in the morning vitamin D to start the metabolism.

6. You completely eliminated carbohydrates

The opposite effect was observed for diets with extremely low carbohydrate intake. When you exercise the muscles need glycogen, which is the stock carb in our body. If they do not consume, and the inventory will not be updated, and the body will become lethargic and will be tired. Without the maintenance of glycogen levels, it is impossible to train at full speed and it is impossible to effectively burn calories during and after workouts.

7. You can’t bite

If you take snack crackers, pretzels, yogurt with sugar, it’s time to reconsider your habits and knowledge. Replace sugar and all fast carbs, which do not saturate the body, fats – polyunsaturated fatty acids contained, for example, in the nuts. They help to increase the activity of some genes responsible for fat burning. Eat a handful of walnuts a day and burn those hated fats!

8. You have too warm

To the body to heat up to a comfortable temperature, he has to expend energy. This does not mean you have the whole winter to sleep with open window and freezing, but make sure to provide the bedroom a cool mode. Cold activates the subcutaneous fat (called brown fat), which is responsible for burning calories, and not accumulation. The more brown fat in the body, the more the day is burned calories.

9. You only use sea salt

Sea salt is more fashionable and tasty product than a simple jodirovannaja salt, but iodine deficiency is bad for the metabolism, which is responsible for the thyroid gland. Namely, the iodine has a stimulating effect on its activity. So that the transition to jodirovannuju salt can have a positive impact on your metabolism. In addition, it is recommended to include diet rich in iodine: seafood, eggs, fish.

10. You eat inorganic products

The chemicals contained in the pesticides interfere with the body to expend energy. The consumption of large quantities of these toxins causes a decline in metabolism. Possible replace the products of organic, at least fruits and vegetables.

11. You have iron deficiency

Iron carries oxygen to the muscles. Without it, the muscles experience oxygen starvation, the energy level decreases and with it decreases and metabolism. Be sure to include in the diet of iron-rich grains, legumes and leafy greens.

12. Your stress level is off the charts

Nothing, not even metabolic, will not be saved from stress. Constantly nervous and tense women burn 100 fewer calories than their quiet counterparts. But if you still consume fast food during the depression, then it is time to change the time on yoga. Relax, calm down, improve metabolism.

Now you can determine if killing the last time your metabolism? I hope this information will help you to bring your body back in order. Stay healthy and happy!


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