Doctors have debunked the major myths about cancer


Врачи развенчали главные мифы о ракеIn these legends about the cancer believe it until now.

10 most common myths concerning malignant tumors, has denied experts in the field of cancer treatment from Canada.

1. The fight against cancer is becoming more effective. Even in prosperous Canada, statistics shows that every fourth inhabitant of the country will die from malignant neoplasms. Although this number sounds intimidating, more than half of patients facing cancer will be able to beat him, as emphasized by the oncologists. 70 years ago, the lucky number was not more than 25%.

2. Before so many people with cancer do not hurt. The existence of malignant tumors is nothing new, their traces are found even in Egyptian mummies. Another thing is that the increase in life expectancy leads to the fact that the number of cancer patients is increasing. In the past many people simply did not live up to this diagnosis.

3. 3аболеваемость cancer depends entirely on genes. One of the most common myths about cancer. There are approximately 100 different types of tumors, but only 5% of them are a result of hereditary factors. Among them, some kinds of tumors of the breast, colon, prostate, and ovaries.

The rest of cancer comes with aging, under the influence of lifestyle, unhealthy habits like Smoking, as well as for reasons about which science still knows nothing.

4. Bras cause breast cancer. A popular myth about cancer that is not supported by any scientific research. Scientists are unequivocal in stating that the wearing of the bra plays no role in the development of breast cancer. However, too tight and uncomfortable bras can cause different kinds of mastitis and the like diseases or injuries.

5. Sun cream cause more tumors than prevent. You need to stop believing in such myths. Certain ingredients contained in many sunscreens, in recent years, have become the objects of criticism as a possible carcinogen.

However, studies show that if very high doses of these chemicals and under certain conditions the formation of malignant cells may, in sunscreens, their dosage is still negligible, and the creams they interact with other substances. No less important, no studies showed the ability of the creams do to provoke cancer.

6. Mobile phones cause brain cancer. In the world there are fewer people who do not have mobile phones, but the number of brain tumors in the same geometrical progression is not increased. The logic refutes this strange assertion, not backed up by science.

7. Sugar feeds cancer. All cells of the body, including malignant, are a type of sugar called glucose, so technically, this myth is true. But even the most conventionally “bad” refined sugar does not cause accelerated development of malignant tumors. Another thing is that excess sugar leads to obesity which is a risk factor for cancer.

8. Proper nutrition can prevent and even cure cancer. Clinical studies show that certain foods have components that theoretically (!) can reduce the risk of tumour formation.

However, there is no specific diet cannot guarantee that you will not have cancer. As there is no combination of foods that can cure the tumor. But harmful food, however, can increase the risk of developing this dangerous disease.

9. Hemp oil cures cancer. This claim is still being investigated by researchers, but no solid evidence they have not yet received — at best indirect.

10. Sharks don’t get cancer. This myth appeared in 1992 after the book of the same name. It said that eating shark fin is an effective means of cancer treatment. However, there is no clinical evidence that any parts of sharks are able to somehow influence the prevention of cancer. In addition, sharks are often sick with cancer, and it is well known to scientists.


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