Doctors have confirmed the benefit of daytime sleep for children


Врачи подтвердили пользу дневного сна для детей It is recommended not to neglect quiet time.

If you still wonder why your child to sleep during the day, in this article we will tell you about the benefits of daytime sleep. Among children’s doctors still debate about how daytime sleep affects the body of the child. In this article we will explain what is the use of daytime sleep and why a child needs to sleep during the day.

Let’s first look at why do we sleep. He needed people in order to digest the lessons of the day information, “reboot” and recharge your batteries. Keeping the required amount of sleep, the person is not just resting and recovering. Each person especially individually, although it is accepted that for adults the optimal duration of sleep is eight hours.

The child, depending on age, need more time to sleep. This is due to the fact that the body is actively growing and being formed, for that he needs a lot of internal resources. And if the child spends his energy on other things, the body gets tired very quickly and does not develop as programmed by nature.

Despite the many arguments in favor of daytime sleep, are among the parents of his opponents. One of their main arguments is: if the child does not want to sleep, it is stupid to force it. Like, if his body needed to sleep, the kid himself would ask in his crib. This reasoning is wrong, because this logic only applies to adolescents and adults.

Actually kid, before you go to sleep, not thinking: now I’ll sleep hard and gain strength. He just lies in bed, and gradually his mind turns off, because this is required by the body. The child expresses his need for rest, but he becomes more cranky and irritable, had significantly worse concentration and appetite.

To avoid such negative effects, you need to follow the norm: the baby needs to sleep 18 hours a day. Because the time that a child get during a night’s sleep, need to catch up during NAP. Thus, the use of NAP can not be denied.

Importantly, NAPs must end before six in the evening. This rule is explained by the fact that after six in our body begins to produce a certain hormone that affects your sleep at night. That is, if the child (and indeed people of any age) to Wake up later than six, then get back it will be very hard. The body will perceive this rise as the awakening during the night because to get on with your activity and performance will be very difficult. Please ensure that your child always went on time and not too late in bed.

Many parents ask why sleep during the day if the child resists going to bed, starts throwing tantrums and otherwise protest? Well, to force a child to do something is not necessary, but you can go to the trick. If your child does not want to sleep, tell him that you don’t need to sleep. He just lay in bed. Can lure him with the offer to read them a story.

It is likely that during your silent reading the child is peacefully asleep, and if not, then this bed rest will also benefit his body.


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