Doctors have called the product triggering the early aging of the skin


Медики назвали продукт, провоцирующий раннее старение кожиScientists have proved that sugar destroys collagen in the skin.

Nutritionists of the Institute of functional medicine (USA) has identified that the main enemy of youthful skin tone – sugar in any form.

Sweets trigger aging.

According to scientists, glucose destroys the structure of proteins in our body which include collagen. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity and thus wrinkles occur.

If you are going to exceed the rate of consumption of simple sugars by 20% each day, early aging is inevitable.

At the same time, to prolong the youth of the American dieticians recommend to eat every day, broccoli, avocado, red grapes, unrefined vegetable oils, oily fish, flax seed, beans, sesame seeds, bread with bran, greens and beets.

Just add them to your diet at least three times a week. Will you provide this wonderful prevention of the appearance of facial wrinkles.


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