Doctors have called the most unhealthy morning habits


Врачи назвали самые нездоровые утренние привычки These actions harm the body the most.

According to doctors, most people live with these habits for many years. However, adherence to these rituals is injurious to health and good mood, lowering the tone and causing fatigue and irritation at the beginning of the day.

One of the most unhealthy morning habits experts from the United States called a sharp rise from the bed in alarm. Doctors say that in such a situation in the body increases the level of stress hormones that may contribute to different manifestations of the negative – pressure differentials, the tide of aggression, changes in heartbeat, etc.

In addition, the sharp raising of the torso can cause problems with spine, back pain, disturbances in cerebral blood flow and syncope. “Give yourself some time to be in bed, away from sleep, and then slowly get up,” he voiced, the Council experts.

They recommended to use the morning time in isolation from smartphones and computers. If this avoid thinking about upcoming tasks and challenges, a little pushing back their decision, this will significantly strengthen the psychological health and nervous system, believe the doctors. Spend the morning surfing in social networks is absolutely inefficient from the point of view of benefits for the body — only increases the level of stress and tension.

Habit to wash in hot water also was not approved by scientists. They said that to wash as a shower should be moderately cool water. Hot water dries the skin, and adversely affects hair follicles, warned experts.

In addition, they are advised to give up coffee on an empty stomach. This habit can lead to gastritis and other abnormalities in the digestive system, explained the researchers.


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