Doctors have called an unexpected way to quit Smoking


Врачи назвали неожиданный способ бросить куритьYou need to quit Smoking in the company.

Smokers are much less of a problem when trying to quit Smoking if they quit Smoking themselves. To such conclusion came British doctors who spoke at the meeting of the European society of cardiology in Lisbon.

Scientists from Imperial College London conducted an experiment with people suffering from heart disease and have been planning to quit Smoking. All 200 smokers were family men, about a third of them elected not smoked.

After passing a popular program that helps not to break after quitting Smoking, almost 64% of the volunteers managed to get rid of dangerous habits. However, those who quit Smoking himself, six times less likely to experience success than those who did it in pairs.

In contrast, the second half, which already gave up Smoking tobacco or never used it, because of the experiences of the partners returned to the pernicious habit or even starting to smoke.

Scientists believe that when people try to quit, they feel very lonely. In addition, they prevent nicotine withdrawal. Help from friends or partners will give them the strength to fight with all this.


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