Doctors have called an unexpected side effect of dental floss


Медики назвали неожиданный побочный эффект зубной нити Flossing causes some harm to the body.

The flossing can be dangerous for health, stated in an article published in the Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology (JESEE). Scientists from the U.S. found that the use of dental floss in the body increases the concentration of toxic compounds.

In particular, using dental floss correlates the increasing level of toxic perfluoroalkyl compounds known as PFAS, stated researchers at two California universities (Silent Spring Institute and Public Health Institute). In the study, experts analyzed the content of 11 different PFAS in the blood of 178 women.

“Women who used dental floss, had elevated levels of one type of PFAS – acid PFHxS. Analysis of 18 different dental floss showed that they are composed of fluorine, which, in turn, is a marker of PFAS.”, – scientists said.

Study co-author, Dr. Cathy of harrows, noted that this is the first of its kind study indicating a link between the use of dental floss and the increased load of hazardous chemicals on the body. To date, there is evidence that under the influence of these substances increases the risk of extremely harmful diseases, specifically cancer of the testicles and kidneys, thyroid dysfunction, problems with the immune system and fertility.

So far as possible sources threatening the health of PFAS scientists called fast food packaging, cookware, non-stick coating, carpeting, resistant to pollution, air pollution, dust particles, water.


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