Doctors gave advice to those suffering from swelling in the legs


Медики дали советы страдающим от отечности ногTo cope with the swelling of the legs is not so difficult.

You first need to understand what caused the edema in the legs.

Doctors say that feet can swell for several reasons, ranging from innocuous and ending quite dangerous.

Most often swelling of the lower extremities provoked by:

– drinking large amounts of fluid, especially in the evening;

– alcohol;

– eaten at dinner highly salty foods;

– long stay in the same position;

– violation of the kidney;

– heart disease;

– excessive exercise.

By itself, swelling of the legs occurs because of stagnation of body fluids or lost circulation, so if the problem does not resolve itself or after using the methods of reduces swelling, you should consult a doctor.

What to do if swollen feet?

To eliminate all possible provocateurs. That is, do not drink a lot of water before going to bed, do not eat salty meals, do not sit or stand long in one place, not to strain physically.

Comfortable shoes. This advice is intended for women, because they prefer to wear comfortable, and beautiful shoes, usually on very high heels. If and to wear such shoes, then try to change shoes several times a day, changing it to more comfortable.

Compression underwear. Some people have such a feature as the tendency to edema. They doctors suggest wearing compression stockings. Although they are useful to sportsmen and lovers of shoes with heels.

Pillow under legs. Night, if you have swollen feet, it is possible for them to put the pillow to improve blood flow.

Diuretic herbs. If you are sure that the cause of the swelling of the lower extremities is fluid retention in the body, in this case, you can try to fix the problem with the help of decoction of rose hips, Linden flowers and birch buds.

Contrast shower. It can be used to improve blood circulation and thereby prevent the development of swelling in the legs.


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