Doctors gave 15 simple tips to reduce allergies


Медики дали 15 простых советов для уменьшения проявлений аллергии These recommendations are suitable for use in the home.

Allergy is a specific reaction to any stimulus (the component of food, dust, pet dander, pollen, household chemicals). Scientifically proven to trigger an allergic attack can also substance that produces the human body itself. These include proteins of the tissues subjected to changes due to temperature, infection or radiation exposure, as well as proteins tissue isolated from the immune system.

Allergic to almost untreatable. To eliminate its manifestations, the patient must pass numerous tests that allow to identify the allergen, which will give opportunity to avoid it in the future. In the case of this disease prevention is more effective than the treatment itself. Therefore, it is important to recognize the first signs of allergies.

In addition, this disease is characterized by an individual manifestation of symptoms. Individuals react differently to the same allergens. Also be aware that Allergy in adults can result from some infectious diseases.

Some scientists have linked the increased cases of allergies with increasing levels of hygiene in modern society. Increased desire for purity deprive the body the opportunity to contact with most antigens, which weakens the ability of the immune system.

A huge number of chemical substances that uses modern man, also exacerbates the situation. Because they can independently be allergens and increase the risk of allergic reactions by disrupting the thyroid gland and parts of the nervous system.

Symptoms quite easily can be mistaken for manifestations of a cold or other illnesses, so if you suspect an allergic nature of the disease should immediately seek medical help.

Methods of prevention of Allergy in adults

Today, effective medication for allergies not yet invented, but there are drugs that can relieve some of her symptoms (nasal congestion, itching).

In the fight against Allergy occupies a special place prevention, which is able to prevent most attacks and to reduce the amount of unpleasant symptoms. Such measures include:

the exception, of all the possible triggers that may provoke an allergic attack;
– the rejection of foods that cause food intolerance;
– shower and change clothing after going outside, especially during the active flowering plants;
– eating foods rich in quercetin and vitamin C (garlic, broccoli, green tea) that strengthen the immune system;
– drying of linen only in areas and not on the street;
– regular bathing and combing furry Pets;
– maintaining cleanliness in residential areas with the wet cleaning and use of vacuum cleaner;
– using room air purifiers;
– constant maintenance of Windows and doors in the closed position, especially in spring and summer;
– regular change of bed linen;
– frequent washing the nose with salt solutions (in the form of respiratory allergies);
– drinking enough liquids, which reduces the manifestation of Allergy symptoms;
– quitting Smoking (including passive);

– use a protective mask when working around the house or in the garden;
– minimize stress.


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