Doctors found an unlikely cure for baldness


Медики нашли неожиданное средство от облысенияAmerican researchers accidentally discovered a compound that can replace all current means of baldness.

Initially scientists from the University of California at Los Angeles investigated mice with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, triggered by the stress hormone.

The aging on the skins of mice, there were bald spots. In the end, their backs were bald. Laboratory tests revealed adverse chemical compound called actressin-V. As it turned out, the injection of estressin-In led to the fact that the wool of animals is rapidly growing. After three months of therapy of hairless mice, it was impossible to distinguish from healthy, young rodents.

Researcher Dr. Million Mulugeta highlights: only a single injection of the compound was sufficient to start the mechanism of hair growth, and the effect persisted for a long time – up to three months. Taking into account that mice live less than two years, it’s a pretty decent time. American experts hope to use the discovery to develop a revolutionary means of baldness people.


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