Doctors explained about any disease signal lines on the forehead


The first wrinkles usually appear on face after 30 years, when the skin reduces the production of proteins collagen and elastin.

Studies show that some of these wrinkles indicate serious diseases, writes the with reference to

So, according to data obtained by scientists from the University of Virginia (USA), wrinkles on the face, which clearly occur after the age of 30, can indicate the possible fatty liver (fatty hepatosis).

The researchers found that the accumulation of fat in the liver is associated with deficiency of protein lamina. Its deficiency leads to and decrease the elasticity of the skin, accelerated aging and wrinkling.

A way to compensate for the lack of lamina haven’t figured out yet scientists have only tested the experimental technology on animals. But for the best protect the liver and improve its functions, experts advise to include in the diet apples, avocado and grapefruit.

Also, scientists obtained data that the wrinkles on your face can signal the development of cardiovascular disorders.

A 20-year study, researchers in France have shown, in particular, that with increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease associated with the appearance of the deep horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.

The authors of this work note that the blood vessels of the forehead due to the small size is particularly sensitive to the formation of plaques, and is highly expressed forehead wrinkles occur because of atherosclerosis.


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