Doctors dispelled popular myths about hypertension


Медики развеяли популярные мифы о гипертонииHypertension more and more widespread problem.

In our days with hypertension to encounter people at a much younger age than they were two generations ago – high blood pressure mass is not only pensioners, but also 40-year-old and increasingly causing health problems in the younger.

According Aephi, hypertension, becoming more large-scale problem, however, is shrouded in many myths. Paramedics told which of these representations of the disease should break up once and for all.

Hypertension? It is not fatal. In fact, deadly. Doctors explain that hypertension causes negative processes in the vessels, which are prone to narrowing and damage. The active movement of blood through these vessels can lead to rupture and hemorrhage. The consequences of such a process can be a stroke, heart attack and kidney damage – all of these violations carries a high risk of sudden death.

Individual rate pressure. It is believed that each person “own” the pressure with which his body live comfortably. But doctors insist that to ignore the existing limit of normal for pressure is impossible. Normal the numbers on the tonometer should not be above 140 over 90 and must not be lower than 90 over 60. The changes to these figures are considered normal only in chronic and severe diseases.

The advantages of folk medicine. If someone believes that in the past people did not drink drugs and drank herbs and was healthy, then he needs to think over what was then a lifetime. According to experts, people in previous generations just didn’t live up to many illnesses of people living today.

Heredity. If a family hypertension is observed from generation to generation, of course, the factor of heredity is present. However, scientists emphasize heredity in this respect – a factor preventable.


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