Doctors debunked myths about late pregnancy


Often women are afraid to give birth after a certain age.

More recently, a girl of 25 years was considered no longer young, and give birth after 30 years altogether — something that is not standard, writes the with reference to

Prejudice view from the past years has spoiled not a few women’s fate. Today we will talk about the existing speculation, “why we can’t have children after thirty.”

The difficulty in conceiving

This statement is true but not much. Judge for yourself: in 27 years to get pregnant there is a chance in 86% of women and 35 — 82%.

The risk of nevynashivanii child increases

According to statistics, the risk increases by 1.5% of the women stepped 30-year milestone. But there are other data: many young women (under 30) often overlooked miscarriages in a very small period of time. And such cases is 15-20%. Fear of losing a child should not cause failure of pregnancy. You will be all right.

Changes in health

On women’s health usually not affected the figures in the passport, but a way of life she leads. Of course, if the numbers went over 50, here with nature will not argue, though the existing examples to give birth to healthy children even after 60 — exist.

After 30 — only ECO

It is proved that about 80% of women 40 years of age get pregnant without the help of scientific technology. But the popularity of this procedure is gaining among women under 35 years.

After 30 — late

This “title” existed before the beginning of the present century. According to who, a woman is not considered staracademy at any age, and this name is offensive to women.

Increases the risk of having a premature baby

When compared with the 20-year-old — Yes. But first of all it depends on the state of the woman’s body and from the image of her life. Agree, in 20 years the body is simply not time to get “all the delights of life”, at that time, as by the age of 40, many over the shoulders of “good baggage” — hence the risk.

The increased risk of genetic abnormalities in children

This statement is true. But modern survey methods in the early stages, will help identify possible defects. The risk of the development of children with down syndrome in women after the age of 40 is 1:100.


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