Doctors called the symptoms indicating an excess of toxins


Медики навали симптомы, указывающие на избыток токсинов These signs will help to determine what is in the body too many toxins.

Toxins enter the body with food, beverages, household cleaning products, from the surrounding air… the Body tries to remove them, but some substances tend to accumulate and cause significant harm. In a short time the symptoms appear, indicating the slagging of the body.

The feeling of fatigue. The whole day you are trying to cheer up with coffee, but anyway there is lethargy, fatigue and bad mood. Most likely, the reason is slagging of the organism.

Sleep problems. The slags of the liver often causes insomnia. Include in your menu cauliflower, broccoli, citrus fruits, beets, pumpkin. These products will help to normalize liver function and your sleep will improve.

Rashes on the skin. If the excretory system of the body is unable to cope, she starts removes toxins through other body – the skin. Appear on it acne, a rash inflamed areas. It is a sign of slagging.

Deterioration of hair and nails. If you begin to notice that your hair has lost volume and Shine, increased hair loss, and the nails become brittle and weakened – this is also a signal to the fact that detoxification of the body.

The problems with digestion. At a high level of toxins in the body often have abdominal pain, problems with digestion, bad breath, flatulence, hemorrhoids, constipation, nausea, belching.

Excessive accumulation of toxins is hazardous to your health. Therefore, it is important to carry out the necessary diagnosis and identify the cause of intoxication.


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