Doctors called the seven early signs of cancer


Медики назвали семь ранних признаков ракаWeight loss for no apparent reason signals of serious reorganization in the body.

Detection of tumors at an early stage makes treatment of cancer more effective, I would say any oncologist. Experts noted that many tumors at an early stage of the disease can manifest in the form of signs, which are usually associated with other, milder diseases.

Health workers have identified 7 early signs of cancer.

Cough and hoarseness. The fundamental question – how a persistent cough? If it persists for a long time, accompanied by hoarseness, better do not delay to ask for examination of the respiratory tract, as the long-term a cough can be a symptom of cancer.

Changes in the digestive system. Such changes, which occur without any adjustment in the routine and habitual diet may be a sign of tumors in the intestines.

Irregularities in the bladder. Frequent urination, the habit of getting up at night to pee, the appearance of blood in the urine – all signs of possible cancer processes. Of course, not in all cases. But the more important early, without delays, access to a doctor.

Pain. Pain in the rule should take place. If you don’t pass (in any part of the body), such prolonged pain can be a sign of tumor development.

Bleeding. Unexplained blood loss the body needs to find out from the doctors, they are also made by scientists in the list of early signs of cancer.

Weight loss. Weight loss for no apparent reason signals of serious reorganization in the body. Often it is a sign of intensified development of cancer cells.

Difficulties with swallowing. The resulting feeling of presence of foreign object in the throat can be an early harbinger of cancer of the larynx or thyroid gland. Of course it should immediately make an appointment to see a doctor.


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