Doctors called the root cause of severe headaches


Медики назвали основную причину сильных головных болейAccording to doctors, oxygen starvation causes frequent and severe headaches.

The lack of oxygen in the blood leads to disruption of cerebral circulation, resulting in hypoxia and appears, provoking the headache.

What is hypoxia?

Doctors distinguish between acute form of hypoxia, fulminant and chronic. In acute oxygen deficiency may develop ischemic stroke and in this case, a person needs urgent hospitalization, if time does not provide the patient, he can die from a brain hemorrhage. The same goes for lightning to oxygen starvation, but it happens on the background of the man received an injury, or hemorrhage in the respiratory organs.

Chronic hypoxia develops gradually and is not liable to such a danger, as an acute form of this phenomenon, but at the same time, accompanied by frequent headaches, which often do not respond to pain pills.

Doctors say that chronic hypoxia may be a long time to manifest. And her first symptoms, the person may be confused with other diseases or do not pay attention to them.

These signs indicate cerebral hypoxia:

– regular severe headaches, which are almost not cropped vasodilating drugs;

– dizziness;

– ringing or roaring in the ears;

– nausea and vomiting right after waking up is not associated with toxemia in pregnancy;

– sleep disturbances or insomnia;

– memory impairment with decreased performance;

– chronic fatigue, drowsiness, excessive irritability and apathy.

How to prevent oxygen starvation of the brain and severe headaches?

Daily Hiking. Fresh air and movement saturate the blood with oxygen. By the way, in people with chronic hypoxia of the brain Hiking can cause headaches because the blood flow in the brain is broken, so need to walk every day seven days a week. By the way, Hiking is not only a positive effect on the circulatory system and the brain, and heart, strengthening his muscle. Plus, when walking speeds up the metabolism and wasted energy, due to which the person may even lose weight.

Regular airing of the premisesin which the person is a long period of time. Fresh air oxygenates the blood, this improves brain function and prevents the development of hypoxia and the occurrence of headaches.

Drink plenty of liquids. Water provides the circulatory system oxygen is an indisputable fact. The lack of body fluids leads to dehydration and premature aging and the development of cerebral hypoxia and other diseases.

A big role in preventing oxygen starvation of the brain is nutrition. Only a balanced, vitamin-rich, healthy diet helps to cleanse vessels and organs of the gastro-intestinal tract of toxins, excess of cholesterol and other substances that block the flow of oxygen in the blood.


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