Doctors called the main symptoms of liver disease


Медики назвали основные симптомы болезней печени If you encounter these signs, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

If the liver is overwhelmed with toxins and unable to cope with their timely removal, it may lead to very adverse consequences for the organism, warned the doctors. Experts have called the early symptoms, indicating a weakening of liver functions.

What delivers signals to their owners exhausted and in need of a “reset” of the liver, was told by the therapists. According to them, one of the characteristic features of such problems is the inability to lose weight despite efforts. If you “do everything right”, but the weight does not go from a dead stop is a reason to consult a doctor for examination and ultrasound of the liver, said the experts.

Well as problems with the liver is often said the skin condition. It does not stop the inflammation in the skin, itching, hypersensitivity and, in particular, a rash of small red dots are typical signals of poor performance of this important organ.

In addition, state the doctors, the failure of the liver “say” urine and stool of man: they change color, darken, become too sharp odor. The feeling of constant “contamination” and the increased pressure in the abdomen can also indicate unpleasant process in the liver.

Other characteristic symptoms are fatigue, feeling of loss of strength and tone, said the therapists. According to them, “with the liver, like cancer: the earlier you find a problem, the faster and easier it will be to fix that.”


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