Doctors called the easiest way of dealing with the fullness


Медики назвали самый простой способ борьбы с полнотой Announced the results of the study.

Scientists from USA have been found a relatively easy way to lose weight. The study, which was awarded publication in the award-winning edition of Nature Medicine, showed that the decrease in the number aprosina helps to reduce feelings of hunger.

In the course of research scientists examined patients with reduced feeling of hunger, who had found similarities in the mutation of a particular gene. Scientists have found deep in feature of their body and noticed that Guinea is not part of the protein responsible for the production aprosina that was the reason for their abnormally low appetite.

Experts have found that the hormone, which is lacking in the body of experimental, heightening of appetite, and therefore its reduction contributes to the weakening of the sense of hunger, which can help in the fight against obesity. The plans of scientists to develop a special drug that would block the action aprosina.

Also, experts have confirmed their assumptions about of the hormone, after testing on mice. During the test the experimental mice were given certain doses aprosina, which, as it turned out, increased hunger, forcing animals to consume more food than usual.


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