Doctors called sweets, which can cause cancer


Медики назвали сладости, которые могут спровоцировать ракSweets can cause cancer

American experts said that the popular treats can trigger the development of cancer. According to scientists, the danger of such sweets is that they contain a variety of ingredients from a number of artificial chemical compounds.

The most dangerous to human health, according to scientists from the United States, are sweet foods which include additive E129 food dye, giving the products confectionery red shades. In the report the researchers stated that this dye is produced from petroleum products, and for the human body it is a carcinogen, i.e. a substance causing abnormal activity of cells and the occurrence of malignant tumors.

Where especially a lot of harmful dye? One of his richest sources are red gummy bears. Experts recommend to refrain from buying this sweets, especially for children.

Also, according to scientists, E129 generously added manufacturers in syrups for ice cream (usually has a berry taste). Experts have advised to avoid products, which involves the use of various additional additives to improve the taste of the syrups, gravies, toppings. Fans of the same ice cream you should prefer simple white ice cream, and in the form of additional components to it to use fresh fruit or berries, or homemade jam or marmalade with no artificial fillers.

The researchers noted that not only E129, but other dyes and preservatives can be carcinogenic towards the human body that are in contact with it increase the likelihood of cancer. Especially a lot of ingredients in soda. This plan is extremely undesirable for use scientists believe the well-known “phantom”.


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