Doctors called sweetness and maintain a healthy heart


Медики назвали сладость, укрепляющую сердцеWine and chocolate prolonging life, experts say.

Wine and chocolate can help us live longer.

To such a joyous conclusion of the Polish researchers from the University of Warsaw.

If you wish to live longer, don’t deny yourself the pleasure to drink wine and eat chocolate. The study showed that people who hold anti-inflammatory diet of fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee and small amounts of chocolate and wine, 18% less likely to leave this life before their time. Polish researchers observed the taste preferences 68 000 Swedish men and women over the age of 16. Installed, in particular that fans of this type of diet is 13% less likely to die from cancer and 20% less from cardiovascular diseases.

Surprisingly, even smokers who adhered to this diet reduced the risk of premature death compared to those tobacco lovers who have been not very proper food. The researchers emphasize that even partial use of products that reduce the level of inflammation in the body, brings considerable health benefits.

Inflammatory processes are considered to be the cause of various diseases, including tumors, senile dementia, and various cardiovascular ailments. Earlier, another group of scientists found that eating three pieces of chocolate every month reduces the risk of heart failure by as much as 13%. As for alcohol, it all depends on the quantity. American scientists recommend to consume no more than one glass of wine a day to heart maintained its health.


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