Doctors called products that cannot be stored in the refrigerator


Медики назвали продукты, которые нельзя хранить в холодильникеWhat food goes bad in the fridge.

Many of the products that the Ukrainians used to be stored in the refrigerator deteriorate under the action of low temperatures and lose their taste.

Some products should be stored at room temperature so that they remain useful and not become unhealthy.

1. Citrus. In the fridge they will wilt and razmeshivatsya. They are best stored at room temperature and eat within a few days after purchase.

2. Garlic. This product does not tolerate the cold, which speeds up the germination of heads. In the fridge the garlic becomes soft and tasteless, begins to rot.

3. Chocolate. When the chocolate is removed from the cold, then produces condensation, which dissolves the sugar particles and leaves a white film on the surface of rolls and chocolate bars, which affects the taste.

4. Med. It is better to store at room temperature. In the cold he kristallizuetsya faster and loses most useful properties.

5. Persimmon and pomegranate. These fruits do not withstand low temperatures and begin to quietly rot. This can be harmful substances that threaten the digestive disorders and poisoning.


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