Doctors called habits that protect against cancer


Медики назвали привычки, защищающие от рака4 habits that protect against cancer

Regular use of “correct” from the point of view of Oncology products reduces the risk of cancer.

Once again from the oncologists have voiced the opinion that the best prevention is a healthy diet. What’s better is, and from what I should avoid in the opinion of the experts?

First and foremost, scientists recommend to consume less red meat and especially the products of its industrial processing. Scientists from several countries – Britain, Germany and Japan – were able to establish that vegetarians get cancer twice as often than meat eaters. Even such a favorite of nutritionists as Turkey meat contains a substance that can be for the body carcinogens, the researchers concluded.

Meat scientists recommend to prefer fish dishes. The most useful of its marine species, and not only because they contain the famous omega-3. According to experts, cod, halibut and hake are great sources of iodine, which has the ability to prevent the development of malignant tumors.

One of the most effective ways to protect against cancer through nutrition is the daily intake of vegetable products that has not undergone considerable thermal processing of vegetables, fruits, herbs. According to scientific knowledge, using such products in the amount of a pound daily, personal cancer risk can be reduced in two times.

Finally, protection against malignant tumors provides abstinence from alcohol and tobacco.

“Complete elimination of tobacco and alcohol reduces the probability of occurrence of oncological diseases to 70%,” – stated the researchers.


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