Doctors called habits, “killing” buds


Медики назвали привычки, "убивающие" почкиPassive lifestyle is dangerous for the kidneys.

Researchers from the USA reported that the results of their scientific work, they took a list of habits that negatively affect a person’s kidneys.

It has been proven that there are habits, which you should give up, if one wants to preserve the health of this body for many years.

Scientists say that the health of the kidneys is important to monitor, since the body is the most important in the human body, but many of the habits kill the kidneys. So, first and foremost, this applies to bad habits such as Smoking and alcohol consumption. These two habits are harmful to the kidneys, gets rid of toxins, they are much faster out of order, and under great exposure to harmful substances simply can not cope with their work.

The second negative influence on kidney habit is lack of sleep. According to scientists, lack of sleep does not allow their tissue to recover, in the end they are much faster out of order.

Also get involved in coffee. Large amounts of caffeine in beverages is a diuretic, which gives extra load. Almost need in this case to filter much more harmful substances that not good for their condition.

It is important to exercise, but passive way of life dangerous for the kidneys – it causes in the body of stagnation and leads to disruption of blood circulation. In addition, it is important to eat right, because, for example, lack of vitamin B6 affects the kidneys, so recommended to include in the diet of liver, fish, bananas, spinach and similar products.


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