Doctors called foods that enhance brain function


Медики назвали продукты, улучшающие работу мозгаScientists have named the products that will make you smarter.

Everything we eat affects not just our appearance and health, but can significantly affect brain activity and memory.

You will significantly help your brain, if you include these foods in the diet. Moreover, they are also tasty.

Pineapples. Pineapples stimulate long-term memory. Thanks to these yellow fruits we can remember more information than usual. So if you are preparing for exams – don’t forget to eat some pineapple.

Oatmeal. Oats stimulates blood circulation and brain function. In addition, like many cereals, oatmeal contains plenty of b vitamins.

Avocado. 40% cellulose consists of avocado oil, which, in turn, is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. So thanks to avocado you can “feed” not only brain cells, but also to accelerate the assimilation of information and to protect the body against cardiovascular diseases, depression, stress, and generally strengthen the immune system. Avocado also contains a lot of potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. So add this fruit to sandwiches or salads – and thus their efficiency will increase and overall health will improve.

Vegetable oil. Not only sunflower and olive oil have. Oil, walnuts, grapeseed, linseed, sesame, corn, coke and many other very useful for our body in General and immune system in particular. They are rich in unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, which are excellent on the brain, and provide energy and contribute to better memory.

Eggplant. The dark pigment of the skin of an eggplant – in fact, the strongest antioxidant that helps cell membranes of the brain contain the required amount of fat, protecting them from damage.

Beet. Beets contain betaine, which improves mood and ability to concentrate.

Lemons. Lemons contain a lot of potassium, necessary for proper functioning of the nervous system and brain activity. They also help focus and facilitate the assimilation of information.

Dried apricots. These dried fruits improve memory, increase productivity and reduce the stress that we all feel at least from time to time. Dried apricots are rich in iron, stimulating the left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for analytical thinking, and vitamin C, which, in turn, helps our body better absorb iron.


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