Doctors called foods that cause bad breath


Медики назвали продукты, вызывающие неприятный запах изо ртаExperts have called the three types of foods that provoke bad breath.

There are many foods that can spoil breath of man. Scientists have combined them into three groups.

Types of products, affecting the breath:

Protein products

Meat, dairy products, beans are the favorite food for bacteria living in the mouth. And the higher the concentration of protein in the product, the worse the smell.

Products with sulfur

Foods such as onions, garlic, and curry contain large amounts of volatile sulfur compounds. Their volatile aromatic compounds remain in the mouth along with the food particles, or thrown into the esophagus from the stomach. To solve the problem of unpleasant onion-garlic smell only temporarily with chewing gum, a mouth freshener or toothpaste.

Acidic drinks and foods

These products negatively affect the oral mucosa, disrupting the acid-alkaline balance, which causes the bacteria that cause odor.


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