Doctors called dangerous diseases, which occur due to sudden weight loss


Медики назвали опасные болезни, которые возникают из-за резкого похуденияSafely dispose of up to 1 kilogram a week.

Gastroenterologist-nutritionist Natalia Dynnik convinced that rapid weight loss can lead to many diseases.

She noted that the rejection of Breakfast and basirova compliance with diet in young people with normal weight causing blood clots, according to the website of the Ministry of health.

Sharp weight loss can be cholelithiasis. The dietitian recommends that people, especially patients with signs of obesity, consult a doctor.

Natalia Dynnik said that it is safe to get rid of up to 1 kilogram a week. All because rapid weight loss may cause not only effect the rapid rotation of weight, but and liver cirrhosis. Weight loss can increase the risk of pathologies of the cardiovascular system, disorders of the menstrual cycle, reduction of muscle mass, hormonal, electrolyte and micronutrient disturbances.

If the body weight is reduced by 10% for the three months it could lead to the development of malnutrition that requires medicinal correction.

By the way, the brain is one of the most important human organs, which is responsible for the whole body. So to make it work well, you need to give up a few things.


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