Doctors are told how many hours of sleep you can have


Dinner for a half hour before bedtime. And anything oily and spicy can not use, and advise physicians.

It is better to eat fish or white meat with vegetables. Harmful overeating: crowded stomach will not let sleep, writes the with reference to

At night it is advisable not to drink a lot, as you will constantly Wake up to pee.

Many sufferers of insomnia noticed that quickly fall asleep after a glass of wine. However, according to doctors, is suffering from alcohol sleep quality. Broken, usually, REM sleep, which is important for memory and learning. Also alcohol has a diuretic effect.

In the evenings it is recommended to brew the tea: chamomile, with oregano, green with mint or lemon balm.

It is important to go to bed before 23:00 that the body was producing melatonin.

Products that help sleep:

Bananas: they help to improve production is important for normal sleep hormone serotonin and melanin and relax muscles. Due to this, a person fast asleep.

Pine and almond nuts help to relieve stress.

Chickpeas contain vitamin B6 is an important ingredient for melatonin production.

Turkey meat and baked potatoes — these products have substance tryptophan promotes production of serotonin.

Oatmeal: its composition are minerals that have a positive effect on the nervous system.

Grapefruit and pineapple: it is a negative calorie foods that you can eat just before bedtime.


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