Doctors advised how to soothe irritable bowel


Медики посоветовали, как успокоить раздраженный кишечникThe actual problem for many.

A problem such as irritable bowel, become so common that it’s worrisome.

The pain caused by this disease can be so severe that in some cases it becomes necessary to contact an ambulance.

This issue received such wide distribution is largely due to improper food habits. If you also suffer from irritable bowel, maybe it’s time to eliminate fast food from your life.

In addition, if you follow the advice provided by the experts, be sure that irritable bowel will no longer bother you.

1. Increase consumption of soluble fiber

Soluble fiber helps the intestines, because they strengthen its mucosa.

They also help to remove harmful substances and increase stool consistency, so fiber is very important to prevent constipation.

For these reasons, soluble fiber is a great product for the prevention of irritable bowel.

What products contain this soluble fiber?

After all, if you make the wrong choice, insoluble fiber in foods may worsen the negative effects irritable bowel. Insoluble fiber cause flatulence, diarrhea and even abdominal pain.

Here are just some of the foods that contain soluble fiber:

– cereals (oats, barley),
– seeds
– legumes,
– some fruit (orange, Apple, mango, plum),
– vegetables,
– tubers.

If you have not formed the habit of eating these foods, gradually include them in your diet until you get used to them.

2. Control the portion size

Many people eat until you feel that you can’t eat another bite, no matter how much food they ate.

It’s a bad habit rooted in childhood, when our parents forced us to eat everything that’s on the plate, not to be punished. However, it is fundamentally wrong.

You have to understand that the meaning of what we eat that the body receives the nutrients required for proper operation.

This does not mean that the more you eat, the better.

The truth is that when we eat until full saturation, we are forcing our digestive system to work more.

This means an extra effort for the colon that will generate fatigue and stress, which leads to razdrajennouu the intestines.

So if you want to alleviate the symptoms of this unpleasant phenomenon, you should reduce your portions, if you often overeat. Start with reducing your portion sizes by 10%, you will soon notice that it works.

This will help you to get used to the fact that there are only the necessary amount of food.

If you have an impossible task to limit food, or if you feel weakness and lack of energy, visit a nutritionist.

It will help you choose the products that you need in order to meet all the needs of the body without compromising the health of your colon.

3. Drink teas and infusions

Mint and dill are the two infusion, which greatly help relieve irritable bowel.

Infusion of fennel has antispasmodic properties. Its intake gives a feeling of relief when the constant spasms of the intestine does not allow us to live normally.

Mint is well known for its digestive properties. It also reduces intestinal spasms and muscle pain. In addition, peppermint helps digestion and elimination of gases.

Ideally you should take these infusions after meals.

4. Tips that will help ease irritable bowel syndrome

At first glance, to cope with irritated bowel seems like a difficult task.

Probably all of the recommendations that we gave you, make you feel some confusion — it is not easy to cook by following so many restrictions.

However, the secret of success lies in small details.

It may seem that you have to change many things in your life. That is why we will give you some small tips that will help you start your journey to the improvement of intestinal conditions:

Chew your food properly and allow your body to safely digest what you have eaten.

Do not sleep after eating, as this only slows down your digestion.

Try to eat less spicy and fatty foods. Try steamed or grilled without oil.

Do not drink more than one Cup of coffee a day. If you need more energy, better drink green tea, it contains helpful antioxidants.

Divide one meal into several small.

Ideally you should have three major meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two light snacks which will provide you with energy without overloading with unnecessary calories.

Reduce consumption of grain products. Although they are very useful, they are also sources of gases.

Remember these small and simple tips to prevent or mitigate any problems associated with the intestines. Take the necessary preventive measures and you will be able to avoid serious problems in the future.

This is very important because neglecting your health can result in complications such as colon cancer.


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