Do not enter in Izhevsk, I’ll kill you!


Не въезжай в Ижевск – убьёт!

As we know, the fence is one of the most important staples of the Russian people. Fences we love, and all of them Rob the joint. No business is complete without a fence. It’s like a wedding without a fight, a feast without vodka and Russia without Putin. What makes the man, buying himself a plot of land? Right, puts up a fence.

Show completely… And the fence should be as high as possible. The fence will be judged on the welfare of the owner. The fence needs to be everywhere. Around the lawn, around the house, even the grave of the Russian people was surrounded by a fence, although this is already quite inexplicable behavior. Being in the open, nerazvedennom space creates deep discomfort.

Circle of fear and hostility – need to secede to protect themselves, to hide from prying eyes. The fence serves another important social function. He divides the faceless crowd into friends and foes. Strangers should stay outside the fence.

While in the Central squares of different cities were opened Christmas markets, roasted sausages, drank mulled wine, went on the carousel, in Izhevsk there was a fence.

Not just a fence. And a real Russian fence. The fence, which makes it clear where the border/another.

The fence – “Slazburg”.

Just local administration handed over the Central square Kommersant that he built some of the town ice.

Well, all enclosed by a fence.

Separately pleased with the installation of the Christmas tree!

Just seems like the Governor Brechalov called caretaker administration and said,

— Mikhalych, there is such a thing… you know, the people we gnilovaty… all stolen! Need a tree to put it… snowmen. And that nothing broke and not stolen.

— Alexander Vladimirovich, is to put security? I can the chief of police request to send, let him send guys.

— No, security is not a holiday. We need something else.

Let’s… talk let!

Oh, good job! And make snowmen didn’t hurt!

— Currently, “Izhmash” will order protective mesh! Maybe even barbed wire?

— Not for the party, too… But hang up a sign that will kill you!

It is very good that the Governor of the Udmurt Republic and the mayor of Izhevsk not to succumb to vile provocation decadent West and, despite everything, continue to defend these Russian values, to keep our traditions and to protect culture. When our children ask us about life in Russia at the beginning of the XXI century, you can safely send them to Izhevsk in reserve genuine braces.


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