Do not blame the iceberg: the shocking facts about the death of “Titanic.” Photo


Виноват не айсберг: шокирующие факты о гибели «Титаника». ФотоThe conclusions of the famous British journalist.

More than a century has passed since then, as the huge liner, carrying out flight Southampton — new York, sank in the waters of the North Atlantic. The circumstances of this terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of over a thousand people, studied far and wide. But research does not stop to this day. British journalist Shehan Maloney studied the history of the Titanic for over 30 years and came to a sensational conclusion: the main cause of the crash was a fire in the fuel storage, which lasted about two weeks.

According to the official version, “Titanic” was wrecked due to the fact that moved with too high speed in icy waters, and when the lookouts noticed straight ahead of the iceberg to avoid collision was not. The ship struck on a block of ice on a tangent, but have been so severely damaged that three hours has gone to the bottom. Shehan Maloney, however, says that the iceberg is just one of the factors that destroyed the ship.

Виноват не айсберг: шокирующие факты о гибели «Титаника». Фото

In the process a rigorous examination of the photographs taken during the ten days before the Titanic left Southampton, reporters found on the inside of the plating traces of soot. In that place, which was subsequently damaged in a collision. A fire in a fuel storage, according to experts, began during the speed test in dock in Belfast.

Виноват не айсберг: шокирующие факты о гибели «Титаника». Фото

The vessel’s owners were aware of the fact that in the depths of “Titanic” raging fire, but were so greedy that they decided not to cancel the flight. So passengers did not suspect anything, in the port of Southampton the ship was deployed to the other side. Officers were ordered to keep his mouth shut.

Виноват не айсберг: шокирующие факты о гибели «Титаника». Фото

The liner has set sail, but the team of 12 people could not cope with the fire. Gradually, the skin is heated to thousands of degrees Celsius. Experts in the field of metallurgy consulted Maloney, said that the steel at this temperature it becomes brittle, losing up to 75% of its strength.

Виноват не айсберг: шокирующие факты о гибели «Титаника». Фото

For this reason, when striking an iceberg in the nasal compartments of the ship formed just six holes with a total length of about 90 meters. With such a serious damage to the system unsinkable ship failed.

Виноват не айсберг: шокирующие факты о гибели «Титаника». Фото

The death of “Titanic”, the journalist concludes, due to the nightmarish confluence of three factors: ice, fire, and criminal negligence.


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