Do not be afraid. Dogs and cats do not transmit the coronavirus


Не надо бояться. Собаки и кошки не передают коронавирус

Cats, dogs and other Pets in the spread of coronavirus infection are harmless to humans. In this respect, our smaller brothers does not represent any threat. Medical scientists have not identified a single case of transmission from animals to humans. This was stated by Chairman of the state Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Vladimir burmatov. The information spread by some media, does not correspond to reality, – said the Deputy.

Vladimir burmatov – Chairman of the state Duma Committee on ecology and the environment: “These fakes stuffing, they continue to appear, unfortunately, it all causes panic when people start to give up animals and carry them to sleep. I want to tell everyone that it is not necessary to do this. There is no threat to your animal for you is, even if it hurts a type of coronavirus, which are found in animals”.


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