Dmitry Tarasov on accidents and assault charges: “This is a deliberate provocation”


Not had time to subside scandal surrounding the divorce of Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova, as a player, was embroiled in a new conflict. 33-year-old Hope Fedosenkova assures that the athlete attacked her. According to Nadezhda, Wednesday night she wanted to Park at one of cafe on Novy Arbat, but the road to it was blocked by Dmitry Tarasov on your car.

Fedosenkova said that the athlete insulted her, and then scratched the car. After the woman called police, Tarasov left. Fedosenkova thinks Dimitri should be punished, and appealed to the court.

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Dmitry Tarasov gave an official comment on this issue. “It is an ordinary situation that happens to thousands of Muscovites. We called the traffic police and they will decide who’s wrong in the incident. I do not understand why the girl, who herself allowed myself profanity in my direction, writes everywhere that I almost attacked her. I have a feeling that this is a deliberate provocation to my address”, — said the player in an interview

After the incident, the traffic police drew up a Protocol, in the near future both participants of road accident will have to appear at the police station.


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